Many Thanks to all Contributors of the project!

  • Sven Rill (project management, planning & implementation of overall system analysis, topic detection)
  • Patrik Perk (definition and implementation of design and layout)
  • Prof. Jörg Scheidt (conception)
  • Prof. Roberto V. Zicari (conception)
  • Friedrich Bischoff (design consultancy)
  • Johannes Drescher (implementation web and core system)
  • Florian Wogenstein (implementation analysis)
  • Dirk Reinel (implementation)
  • Marcel Skrecki (implementation context analysis, topic detection)
  • Sebastian Trampler (infrastructure)
  • Kirsten Broderdörp (public relations)
  • Dr. Nikolaos Korfiatis (scientific consulting)
  • Prof. Christian Chiarcos (scientific consulting)
  • Prof. Christoph Reichenbach (scientific consulting)
  • Florian Rudisch (implementation PoliTwi USA)
  • Mario Küpferling (implementation PoliTwi USA)

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