Past political topics per hour

This table provides the opportunity to explore the historical data on the political topics.
You'll find the top issues related to one hour. Per hour are up to 10 top issues (it could also be less sometimes) displayed.
The newest entry is displayed on top of the list at the beginning. By clicking on a column header you could change the sort of the entries (e.g. in an alphabetical order according to the topics by clicking on the column "Top-Topics"). A second click on the same column changes from "ascending" to "descending".
The Topic-Points indicate how topical and new a topic was. The value is between 0 and 100 (0 means "less recent", 100 means "brand new").
You could search for specific terms by using the search function. You could search for "1mai" for example, which was a topic on May, 1st 2014 of course.

Topic Tweet Count Time-Period Topic-Points Topic context
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